yes yes.its me again.

okay. mestila its me kan, blog ni i pnye, spe lagi yang nak update.tehee
okay, kali ni ckp melayu je lahh, sbb haritu english i teruk. tak score pun.-.- so xpyah nk nk ckp eng bagai. tak teror punn.HHA sepatutnya practice more lah kann.cehh. takpe, saje mood melayu. bear with it okay?

so farrr, selama mana tak update. busy busy day. dgn semua test test dan test.
- std 1 done
- ospe done *ohh. dont ask.memang susah kot utk org yang cepat mngelabah mcm i. err, maybe nxt time in RCMp i'll score 120%.just wait! huh
- std 2 just done.(quite happy dgn std 2) lol. eventhough the english is super duper harddd.damn it!
- coming is my mock interview. okayy cuak cuak.
bukan tak pernah. tapi takut jugak. i tak hebat bab2 mcm ni.haish.
please please let me get through this with a full of success.

to tell you the truth. its my time of the months. and i feel like going home. and feel miserable when thinking about my weekness. and i feel insecurities. a lot. and i feel like sleeping but im not. i feel like eating but i didnt. then i get hungry and i get annoyed by people so damn freaking bad. i hurt my feeling by hurting you. i try my best to think about something positive, but i couldnt. i wish you know this. menses really sucks. is it? or it just me? nisha u are such a mess. *ignore my bad grammar.

p/s: god luck all of spm candidates 2010 of mrsm pdrm. have faith in yourself even others dont. i did that.

until then.

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