heyyo.back from my long dormancy. thats whyyy lame x upadte. okay, alasan je kan. 
omg. hari ni tgk budak matriks dah hbes their one year progam. hati meronta2 nak blik jugak. nak tamat program cepat2 jugak. but in the same time,rse sedih pulak nak tinggal kmkn. its 3 weeks to go. i know.
skjap je kan? no matter how hard my life here, still this is where i think im becoming someone better. meeting everyone that bring so much colours, tears and joy in my life. its an experinec after all.
and to meet you ofcourse.

i seriously x pandai menulis. *baru sedar kan.-.-
so yeah post i selalu bosan.haish.
im gonna have my graduation day this saturday.yeay yeay.
end of my foundation study.
let me tell you something, i dont really expect myself to be able to come this far. and
i manage. so just dont underestimate yourself. because nothing is like impossible.
becoming a doctor for someone like not so extraordinary like me is kind a woohooo.hha i think.:)

pray for me! :)
later. see you.
will try to update more FREQUENTLY nxt time. i'll TRY.:)

p/s: is there any cure for something like serious killing obsesion problem?ohh god.help me.-.-


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