spoil child.

just thinking about 3 months without ANY holiday is just frustrating enough.
yeah, call me spoiled child. and i am.
just why did i love being home so much?
just because i can do anything in the world that i want.
im free to ask anything that i wish to.
im free to talk rubbish and unafraid to be misjudge.
im free to eat anything that im craving for without afraid of the cost.
and because i know that everyone so pleased to see me.*perasan sikit.but thats true!
plus home just never give me any headache.
because i have my mom there, my dad.
mom u are the best.i miss you.:')
i cant imagine world without you. kalau dah kahwin boleh tak nk duduk dgn mak jgk? pretty please.sobss
so ospe is coming. wish me luck peeps! basically tgh study which is bosan so merepek skjap kat sini.
derrr. whatever nsha, no one ever care.heh

p/s: just dont force yourself if you are not ready yet.i feel bad for that. that just me.
okayy, word for today.just.-.-

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