mood: malas nk buat keje.tp KENE buat jugak. how was that feel? take your time. imagine that.
okayy.sumpah kerja byk gila. 
come on nsha org lain buat tak bising punn. kau je yang malas.
ouchh. iknow i know, i just cant help it. 
you bettah make yourself works orrr you gonna die when u get back in kmkn which is full with people that works like machine.again.ouchh.
allright. keje byk pastu merepek merepek kat sini. ade pulak masa? HAHA
lets take a break laa. *bila2 masa pun break.

okay, 1st thing 1st i HAVE to finish my expertise folio which is im doing on dermatologist.
takdenye hebat because its all about plagiarism.BHAHA *evil laugh
okay,everyone did that.pheuww. im normal.
but, still its kinda hard to gain an appropriate facts.*sigh*
which is at last make me losing focus and surfing on cute fashion websites or cute couple tshirt instead of google-ing for Clinical and Laboratory Dermatological  Immunology. what the fish is that?-.- anyone?

i have to finish it by tomorrow. esk dah nk balik kolej.sobbss.
jgn nk sedih sgt la.mymum used to yell at me when i whining about my sadness on going back to college that
'duduk rumah lama2 pun buat ape? habeskan beras je. baik pegi kawin je. 
how could you mom?HAHA i assume it just something like motivation (in her own way) supaya i nak balik kolej.*tp sekarang xboleh guna dah.sbb i would love to kalau dduk rumah je boleh kawen.HAHA 
ignore that one.
back to the topic, due date bukan esok tp if possible nak siapakn esok mlas buat kat kole because of some few factor. 
yg penting sbb kne pegi psp bgai nk surf internet AND the line pulak lamabt la.mcm siput.
so baik siapkan kat rumah.wink2.

2nd things. 
my disease slide show.on COPD. buat balik nnty la yg tu. but plus with this coming MCAT test and also OSPE make me feel more devastated. 
sumpah takkkk study pun kat rumah.
who would? awk mmg hebat la kalau mcm tu.O.O 
okay, mcm biasa perjuangan last minute lahh.heh
wish me luck!
btw oits good to see you yesterday ezah izzati othman. good to hear your so loud voice,your dirty talks.HAHA and a-sometimes-good advice coming out from your damn sexy lips.hha it always actually.like old times. i miss that moment.thankyou again.

oh btw.im taking this one of the test and the most talented expertise field that i get is.plastic surgery. 
am i? its good to know i at least have a talent though.hihi
still being a doctor on plastic surgery is not bad either right?
at least i can help those women to gain their confident through 'makeover'.:D
kidding. *cant imagine that.

see you in college fella.okay this time. for real. bye! hee

p/s: cant wait too see you encik botak comel.hee

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