we just cant satisfied everyone.

salam.selamat petang semua.:) xde kje nk buat so, saje je la share ape saja yang ada di minda. some sort of ridicoulous things i always talks. crap.heh i've been home for about 5 days now. and the neighbourhood never seems to fit me at all. i dont know how to explain just maybe because i dont use to live here. i got no one to come to my house and gossiping or come to ask me to borrow my nail polish or watsoeva which is in short i got no friend here. thats not the point because i acccept the fact err like long time ago. and also i dont have that kind of moood either because i will end up listening to my mom bla bla bla like girls should NOT hanging out too often. *often in this contct is her 'often'. and again that is not the issue because yeahhh im accepting the fact longgg time ago. its not like im being ungrateful, but please sometime try to understand me.

 im 19, and i got nothing to do with the outside world. i do going out with my parents which is a wayyy different with haging out with friends. its like i dont really care about that anymore. but NOW 'they' complaint la pulak kenapa asyik sgt duduk rumah.-.- u know what? we just cant satisfied everyyone. thats the conclusion. yeah yeah.

p/s: why did i still bother about the same things even i already know that, that is just soo like you.*sigh* this is what you got nsha when u want to know everything.pfftttt.

 until then,

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