new phase

salam.1st of all there were so mny things happen here.inside and outside of me.u know.so mny things to talked about too.haha but i guess u don need to know evrything ryte.

my life here so far looks good.at least fot this tyme being.all da spc students were great.seriously.:)
but yes the medic course were about to burst my brain out in a few weeks tyme.haha

and the orientation were not so tiring.the simple one which i prefer more.:) here.okay a lot of brain wash.and i am a washable one.XD as i think about dis im jus a few steps more to be a doctor that i think it wasnt rily real for me to achieve that before.but thnkas god HE knows better. n here i am going to be a doctor one day. pray for me.

mak abah n all my femly.yeah.i miss you so damn much.:( this is all for you.im trying my bes 4 you all.muah2.:)

the class wasnt even start yet.so im thrill to see what the chllenge its all about.hha*belagak kn mcm hebat sgt.:p

lastly.kmkn! the grade is A the number is 4. im gonna get 4 flat.insyAllah.:)

until the,

3 commento!:

Mr.SteAltH said...

gud luck kwn ;)

nisha nisho! said...

haa.thnks uj.dtg mlawat aku nnty taw.:)

wana_love said...

nisha, good luck:)

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