at last i manage to update my blog.sorry guys,even no one even care ryte.haha :) idk y it juz seems to be so hard for me to update.err maybe i kinda of busy or i juz doesnt hve any "oppurtinity' since i got no laptop n bb NOW.aish.hmm

soooooooooooo...so far life here seems gud.but fasting about 28 days here.ohhh:( i miss my mom.my home.badly.old friends.wana,ezah, pdrm frends.miss u all so damn much.i have change.u should see me.haha XD no complaint about the food.mara always success making its scholar holder eats as much as ever.:)

new friends,new environement,my life had just turn to be the new one too.a better person i think.thank god.:)

but i want to go home.i MUST.even for 2 days.wait 4 me mom.:)

p/s: im afraid of being judge.i admit that.so for those who doesnt lyke to see what im gonna write here just back off.its my blog.if u want to be lyke yours.do yours.thanks

until then

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wana_love said...

nishaaaaaaa, miss u too;(

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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