bye2 hometown.

now,even im so fuckin damn tired dat even i barely can open my eyes,i stil want to share dis feelin wit all of u.

dear u guys.im gonna miss my home.my bed,my pc,my fan,my mirror,my shower bathroom,my kitcen,my kitty n damn missing my parent.*note dat im crying as i wrote dis.:'( feelin lyke im not gonna live witout them.call me anak mak i dont care.i still want to be here.alwaiz.wit dem.;'(

as i cry.there were also a thing that can make me a little smile.

1st.im passing my jpj tst.all of it.i guess its pretty gud as i never been driving b4 dis.not even sit in the driver position.

2nd.i hang out wit my bff ezah td.we watch eclipse.n i had so much fun.thanks babe.ily.even aku stu haram hbuk xkmas lg.2 yg skrg dok kalut.:P semogo jumpa lg okay.take care lebaq.:)
*eclipse was so damn most ever cool movie.4 me.watch it!

3rd.i had my coolest ever bag.im shoping on9.:p plis b jeolous.

so im goin 2morrow.t8 cre u guys.so do i.pray 4 me okay.thanks.see ya.

gudnyte people,


p/s: no colours.im mourning.thnks

3 commento!:

Anonymous said...

kmkn pn macam umah gak.. XD

nisha nisho! said...

haha.spe ckp?sob2.:( xponnnn.tipu.:P

Anonymous said...

aku cakap..
eleh, cm x besa dok asrama..
kira sini g ok daripada mrsm pdrm tu tau x..

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