hye.nothing 2 say ekceli.hm,actually im trying to sleep about errr last an hour ago.but i juz couldnt.:( there were 2 many 2 think about i guesss.hmm

1stly,about my jpj driving test.*most bothering me rite on dis moment.oh,i juz dunno why im feelin lyke failing.imagine how im doin in my last ujian kelayakan.my leg was just trembling in that car.u know it was so obvious im shiviering lyke im gonna dye any seconds.god.:( since im in school i do realized about my nervous problem.*it can cause so many unfortunate incident. *sigh* u can call me a noob,still i wont find driving is easy as its may seems.trust me.T.T. hope im gonna do fine.im trying hard beb.pray for me too okay?

2nd.about what im gonna faced when im futher my study in foundation in biological science.in kolej mara k.nerang.im a future doctor.is it the one dat rily bothering?yeah.so many people say being a doctor juz lyke giving up ur personal life.duh.am i in the right path?will i able 2 carry on the course?im not dat rily those super fast n hardworker in study.i used 2 alwaiz practice such a realxing study.and i guess its not gonna work out there.i am thinking 2 much ryte?this is too strestful 2 think this.the new environment.who in the world would not need some times 2 adapt themselves ryte?

3rdly,this is a little embrassing. im thinking about myself 2.in the aspect of LOVE.duh.well,now im 18 already.i guess i need that,what?dont i have that enough?haha i mean.i need the differnt one.u know.*sigh*i do realize im not gonna get that at all.at least for this tyme being.yeah.im not hoping.im also needs some tyme.im sorry.*kpd yg berkenaan*i juz dont rily noe wat is rily i want from man.n i dont believe u can give me dat either.ahh.call me choosy.i wouldnt mind.its me who i care the most.n when im still thinking about you.what is dat means ekceli??.maybe juz a little tyme of running back through memories.yeah.no hoping.we call dat a memory when its hurt.ryte?:)

good nyte people.


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wana_love said...

relek la weyh. ko ade aku. hehe:D

nisha nisho! said...

yay.aku always ade kaw wana.muah2.:)

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