today.pegi shopping.n hell YEAH its fun.haha xtau knp its juz my parents n i sahaja pon.so mmg xde spe nk captured dat fun moment.duhh.xpe lah.aku bgtaulah k it was hell fun.i guess bcause it da last one kot.b4 aku g stady.10 more days.haih.T.T
kdg2 mmg xcited,kdg2 emm kinda bothering.biasalah.kan?

now,after dah mcm agak lma piala dunia fifa tuh mula bru mcm trase nk ckp psal bnda tue.
im not realy a fan pon.so mcm wth aku nk amek tau kan?haha but u know org ckp its a global phemomena u should hve some knowledge on that.i guess so.so bila xtau how come im gonna hve a favourite player.if i hve one pon juz bcause he was a handsome one.ehem.*its normal i guess.haha
but u know.idk why im likely hve a minded that brazil was a good team.that is why when someone ask me i will only put brazil.errr.maybe thats juz my mind set that they were winning the last 2 or 3 last tyme back that cup,so they are greattt.soory pencinta bola.:)

i got my bju raya already.haha nk tgk kna tnggu raya lahhhh.:D
lately.gila suka online shoppping.haih.semuaaaaa nk beli.haha mentang2 la tgk gmbr jerr.smua cntik lah.got my vinnci pumpshoes 2.hell gorgeous.plis.b jeolous.haha

lastly td buat chocolate cake.with rich topping tuh.haha sedap la of kos.tp xde la rupe cntik cm kt kedai.at least i tau buat okayyy.haha take a look:)

p/s:im living my life to the fullest.thank god.even without YOU.gudnyte people

until then,


2 commento!:

Song said...

awal giler beli baju raya~

nisha nisho! said...

haha.mesty ohh.nnty lmbt2 yg cntik2 org dah amek.hihi :D

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