a lot 2 say

1stly hepy besday to me on dat 20th jun.thank 2 all of u yg wish.:) i mean i got a tonned of wishes in facebook.:) te amor.:)

had been buzy a few days back.so many thing happen.not in da mood.almost evry day.haha get so tired i guess.n im so ssssooooryyy i cant b nice when even its nothing to to be fucked with.:( i guess its end of my month.pliz do understand n stop all dat selfish request.im so tired to fullfil all yours.im also hve mine.i don give a shit to explain evry single things happen in my life.im SINGLE.derh.got dat? this is why i alwaiz hate a comitment. n den i will end up havin a feelin lyke im a mitress.god plis.=.= are you 2?.fininsh wit dat.

yesterday.my parents organizing a lttle kenduri doa selamat.yeah,for my spm n for my lil sis upsr.also for my offer with mara n so many good things happen.im being thankful to you ya Allah.:) Alhamdulillah.but as u know when it comes to kenduri so mny things that got to be done.anak dara kna pling byk buat kerja.T.T.woah.tired lyke hell.
dat evening on 6.49 pm(still remember) planning 2 do a litte driving practice wit my dad.on the way to get new packet of mee(too many people coming by i guess). the starting was pretty cool.n den after 5-7 minutes driving,suddenly i can saw the road were crowded wit people n tehre is an ambulance.oh shit.im a beginer of course im nervous wit dat kind of situation.then,im driving slowly passing dat scene.thats the tyme when i hve to stop and give a way 4 opposites car.god. im in the middle of the accident scene.so many people there about 40-50*boys i mean.grrrrrr.(why the malaysian have to be soooooooo meddlesome when its comes to accident.*in my case only)=.= shitto.my cars broke down.n then i juz don know why it has to be there.i try to start again n its breaks down again.after a fewwww times.i still cant do that. i have to pull the handbreak and juz let my father take over.keluar n jalan msuk sebelah sana. pegi mampus org pndng.i mean we are in middle of the road.urgh.hve a good tyme imagine dat people.grrrrr.

in a few days,will start my preparation 2 stady again.must be a tiring one tooo.kolej mara is an environement of my old maktab.the rules.the hostel.the attire.the prep.the ds.i guess i'll be 17 again.tenkiu.dont you think so?

p/s:got no present 4 dis year.because my mom says i always got a present along the year.:)haha juz hving a little celebration on seri sembilang restaurant in auto city.don t u rememberr guys? the restaurant we used to have our anual dinner in form3 batch 2005 mrsm pdrm kulim. sweet CHILDHOOD memories ryte.:D

unti then my dear,


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