new obsesion.

lately,grow intrst on korean drma.duh.im not a huge fan of dis thing.but as dis drama hve their own huge package.ehem.u know.great super duper hensem guy or hero lee min ho.i am juz an ordinary girl who ekceli cant resist his charm that always fluttring gurl heart all over the world.as i thinking dis is juz wasting ur tyme nisha.u r not gonna get even say hi to him.errr.but maybe perhaps it juz an ordinary reaction on sumone you realy cant denied their advntage on how they looks.the drama dat im talk about is personal taste.2010 drama.wohoo.got 2 wtach it already.:P

sudah diberitahu dia amat hensem.n the story is sooo good too.both have quality.trust me.
i give dem 5 starrr.clap2.:P

den.already receiving my offer letter.so im thinking nisha.dis is wat u gonna do.dis is wat u HAVE to do.so my dear fren.pray da bes 4 me.tenkiu.

p/s:bru lpas mkn sweet potato n dorayaki.mlm2 xboley mkn nsik dah nisha.huh.*konon kan kan.:D

until then.

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