its my dream wedding.

salam semua.hows day people? hope its always a bright shining day for you guys.:)
today, in my english class,*the reason why i speak english.hee we have to share our dreams. our dreams wedding. then, err frankly said i got alottt of things in my mind. gosh. since i've found him, so  the dreams already had  its own 'characters' which makee it become double exciting. huargh.

so,lets share a little bit of the dreams wedding.of mine.:)

1. because the most likeable accesories FOR ME is a ring,*because i think that the only jewelry that suit me real well.hee that the thing im gonna ask for our wedding is  a white gold ring with our name carve on that.phew. sound like it cost a lot right? its once in a lifetime! :) so, we are gonna wear it like for entire of our life.since it will be carved with the words. soulmate.
2. im gonna have one ceromony on the island.with beach of course. and only a few of people attend that.to witness that beautiful moment.sweet.:)

3. its gonna be gold and cream theme. or purple white. i think i look nice in that both of that colour.:) a simple attire would be enough.

4. im gonna have a lots of flower. a fresh one. cool kan?:) just lets make it simple. and sweet.

its cool if someday i manage to check all that to-do-list in my wedding. still, its more than enough if you were able to be with your love one. its priceless. 

so, thats all.i keep a little of the dream a secret.lets not ask for that one.hee

p/s: maybe the dreams will come true right? lets wait another 7years and see okay.

until then,

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Anonymous said...

hopefully :D

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