okay.skrg mcm mmg tgh ada mood nk tulis.im alone tonite,i mean 'alone' in front of dis pc.my sis were gong 2 tgb 4 an olimpiad comprtition inter mrsm.*i guess im not dat active when im in form 1.heh my parents were hving an early gaining energy sleep.bcoz they were too tired with my fmily coming by 4 a visit dis whole day.*sigh im also got tired now.=.=

its rainingg.the cold now drain me into the feeling.the thought.the thought about urself.dont u ever wonder how perfect are you can be?this imperfect aspect make u a human rite?don u ever felt burden by sumone who always xpect u to be more denn urself.do i hve 2?is it an egoism if i stayyy to be who am i?instead of tryinggg to change and be someone who i 'should' b?omg.dis is killing me now.:'( 2 be an xcellent student wasnt so hard compared 2 b an xcellent TEENEGER. but i do know dat somedays i'll find da answers.it was inside me.god willing.

p/s:im changing my song to dat soulsister song.know wat.i do rily love dat song.but i know i shouldnt.whats was rily going on with you nisha.haih.=.=.btw enjoy da song okay.i love it.:)

until then,

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

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