di rumah LAGI

okay.seperti biasa.saya hanya berada di rumah sepanjangggg hari ini.dengan alasan nk tnggu surat MARA.n know wat dat letter were still not here.im getting tired waitin.im printing da offer letter when im checking it at 1st in the internet.of kos it does not an official offer later.butt,err u know as a precaution i guesss.*stupid things to do huhh?:Dden,for todays.im alone for the rest of my fmly had their own bussiness OUTSIDE the house.i don rily mind 2 stay home,but in case they do something intrsting den im an the only one 2 b in xception.owh.damn.im gonna miss da bes part.LOL.=.=while im stying home.guess wat.jumpa my dad pnya currency books in the drawer.so juz wanna show u guys my dad hobby.collcting other contry currency.:)

antara isi kandungannya.:D

nih aku rasa mcm duet yg kiut.haha*mcm tiket bas pon ada.haa

err.ni mata wang india.nnty kalo aku g stady sana ni la ropenye duet yang aku pkai.kan kan?MAAF.berangan.haha

nie mcm duet yg aku rsa unik.for me lah.:) warni wrni kn.cntik:D

ni jelah kot 4 todays.byk lgi mata wang yg aku pon xpnah dgr.huu nk tgk dtg umah eh.:Dhee
ngntok suda.hee see you okay.tenkiu sudi dropping by.:D

p/s:sorry sbb entry blog derek bnda dlm umah ja yg jdik kn.heh nnty when im entering my new phase like evrybody else,den i'll let u know okay.n esk nk g driving class,wsh me lux okay.muah2.:)

until then,

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