so close,yet so far away

hye,hello. how was your day people? hope u all doing great. for me this weeks is a very tremendous-lots-of- things- hppen. yes, i mean a lot. i need your support people. tsk. the parsitoloy thingy that i've need to cover is increasing like a tonne and tonne everydayy.pheww. tapi boleh lagi ni, sbb saya hari hari mnum milo tauuu. awak pun cuba lah! hihi

but people still, im such a normal un extrabionic woman. trying to be tough yet fragile. sometimes, when u tried as much as u could and u get disspointed and u cried. thats okay, thats enough right? u have to break ur heaart a little so that we can call it life, love. and iloveyou, of course i do but please dont take it for granted. because once u lost it, u lost it forever. i mean it. im trying my best here, but the feeling of this so close yet so far away is very much heartache.:'(

okay bye.

Relationships are like drugs, they either kill you or give you the best feeling of your life.

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