starts over newww lifee:)

hye hye hello.as salam people. wuargh, lama gilaa tak update. sorry la, im not that active rajin blogger. plus im having other people same normal life kot. ape laa sgt nk share kan.hihi.
btw afterr this longg time since my last post, im already back in college. yes, RCMP.:)
and life in college alhamdulillah. i've gone through much and i know Allah is always there for me.
my lovely parents is always there. my family. my friends. thanks for the supports. and ofcourse youu lah boyfriend.:')

i dont care what people want to say, i've never lost friends before. and since everything u tell the world and of course me, im selfish faker betrayer and whatsoever, i dont really suit you well right since u are an angle that u label people like that.oh i dont because i know where i stand, i make mistake, i shouldnt label people because im not that perfect either.:) i make mistake,im sorry, if you think this is worth it, then yes why shouldnt i. we are no child anymore, making fussy about something that small, telling the world,errr. i think that is not a growing up thingy to do.
tapi if that is you way on having a better life.go on.:) i wish you all happy with whatever you have done what u speak,what u write.its a token of remebrance for your presence here with me in this small world.
so thankyou.and goodluck.:)

p/s: oh this new life is great. the new house is great.i love it. thankyou ya Allah. ma abah. u know your daughter well. your kindness is somthing should be return.:)iloveyouu.

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