this is about me.

oh hello.assalamualaikum people.
today is 15 june, already a month of a holidays. many things happen. and yeah, no need to mention the whole story.someone will get bored over that.
just im being grateful that my sister is now healthy enough to live her daily life after going through the hard time.yeah, we all going through the hard time, because we are family.and  family supports each other.
and taking care of an-after-operation patient is not that easy. -.- pheww. stress me up sometimes.seriously.
so because she cannot move so oftenly, i sacrifice my holiday by enjoying myself at home. its not literally alone yeah i know but sometimes u need a break. yess, i need that. and i envy you guyss that could spent your holiday with ease. every people has different oppurtunity.sure but sometimes i dont think it is wrong for me to whining about things. and its hard to always trying to understand others, by always keeping away all  of your feelings.

oh btw, its a lame story but yeah alhamdulillah for my flat result in this 2nd semester. yeah, its goood to have something that you think you cant have.thankyou Allah.:)


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