ah,yes im 19 already world.

assalam. today is 20th of june. and yes happy birthday to me.
life is no fairy tale. u grow. thre is no fantasy wonderland that you could live happily ever after.life is life.
im getting old. my parents getting old. im moving on.
and lets not talk about present. im 19 right? i dont belong to the present for the birthday girl list anymore.
but if possible why not?HHA
the best part of being 19 is, u can get married in the just next few years.harhar well its not really that.
it just getting old is compulsory.growing up is an option. so then you choose lah.
 when you get older, u will come to realization what is life. u will hope less. because you will know hope will just like increase the possibilities of getting hurt. and instead of that u think.what SHOULD happen. not what u WANT to happen. for me happiness is not about getting what you doesnt have but instead of recognizing what you already have.
so thanks ma, abah, kak ija, abang ngah,aziah,friends, bestfriends, people. and you ofcourse you syg.
for ever being here besides me.
for the every moment we have i  shall cheerish.:')
its not easy being me. sometimes i get emotional. i overrcted over something sooo simple. i thing critically on somthing that i shouldnt. i apologize.

the best part of this year is im gonna be a first year medical student this july.2nd of july.idk. i should be proud or afraid of the coming future life. im proud for my family. but dah tak lama la cuti.tsk 
ish come on la nsha come on.semanagt.ambition.:)

click to enlarge.:D
     and yeeess.pray for me okay peeps. thanks! later.

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wana_love said...

goodluck nishaaa, do ur best:D

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