my mid sem break!

oh my god oh my god.its already a late february.means march is coming soon. mcm sekejap masa berlalu. 
and im home after my standardized 1 test.jgn tnya paper dye susah ke tak, sbb i xnk pikir ape yang i jwab.haha *now everybody can guess right.-.- okay, soalan sikit so mmg beruntung la pada sspe yg boleh jwb semua.  lets forget about the test. this 10 days lets just enjoy.:)
like usual, bile dah balik baru laaa seronok sikit nk update sbb mcm xde ape nk fikir. 
fikir fikir balik, im dying to be home and relax,
bile dah balik, 3 hari 1st je rse seronok then dah rasa xtau nk buat ape. and plus missingg u already.grr 
kat kolej ade la jugak teman nk merepek. kz especially.-.- and semua lahh ofcourse.
kat rumah, basically, hmm i got no one to fetch me out, buying me dinner or offering me a movie. so the most intresting pun,
1. watching anime online.kat sini. eh kalau ade suggestion punn okay. share la share la.:)
2. facebook-ing. of course.
3. main game. dont expect cs orr call of duty. dinner dash je yg i mampu.HAHA
4. txting chipsmore. heh dont ask why chipsmore. grr
5. yeahhh. updating my not-so-cool blog ni.

this time balik, too bad no more things to buy sbb dah kne warning.hha xpe laa, i dont have that mood either. yeah yeah.believe it.

okay la. study sbb blik nnty nk ade test.i'll put it in the list laterrrr.

so kalau korang cuti lama2 buat ape je eh? 

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