and i dont give a f**k

idk what makes u feel like you have your right to do so,
i didnt do anything wrong.and im sure there is no reason for you to do so.
so seriously i dont give a fuck to bother to think or even to notice whatever your feeling now.
because i dont deserve this. 
sorry make no difference.
once broken there will always a mark left.
im sorry too. friends.

p/s: because in the world. there are isnt always about yourself. its not only about your feeling.
and im not tolerating someone who ignored others feeling.because someone like that just dont deserve consideration.
its just the result of thinking 'yourself is better than others'

2 commento!:

wana_love said...

what happen my dearr??

nisha nisho! said...

haha.nnty story2 okayy sygg.:D

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