back to work!

knock knock! hey. sorry, i know its kinda late, but anyway happy new year 2011 everyone. may this new year bring so much more happiness and memories of the 2010 shall never fade! what can i say, the 2010 has everything that spices up my life. i learn so much thing. thing i never would get if im not getting this older.this bigger. an experince what we used to call. the year thought me about family. 
about friendship.
about love.
about knowledge.
about endurance. 
yeah,it get me stonger.wiser. 
never think that im gonna be able to walk this far. to be in this group. to get such a supportive family. a fantastic friend. such you.:) thanks 2010 for those wonderful year! the moments that i should cheerish until i die.:)

im kinda busyyy, a week before new year, cant manage to update. but as it should be, im back in college 1.1.2011. starting my new sem, got re-onrentasi. bla bla bla. meeting my friends back. yang mna telah membuat saya gembiraaaa.seeing you. which what can i say,im still missing you.:(idk why.grrr.also seeing the not-so-so calming environement of kmkn.and did i mention that RE-ORIENTATION?-.- so farrr.so good. student life, normal one.:) this sem seems to bring more headace than before. HAHA *kalau bab study selalu lah kan mcm tu. but anyway i'll try my best. ohh, when i mention back to work i mean it. sb kat rumah mmg rileksssss habes. thats what we called home.:D err, not so good to say that im already started to miss my HOME. yeah. im spoiled.--' 
 btw sorry xde gmbr nk letak, sbb xde gmbr pun nk tnjuk kt you all.:)
and once again. selamat tahun baru kawan-kawan. let the love ease your pain.

p/s: it is unhealthy how much i think about you. how much i think about us. yes,im afraid.

until then,

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