berat mata memandang.berat lagi bahu memikul.

peribahasa pulak pembuka bicara kan. but thats the best word to describe. idk. im confuse whether im the one who too soft hearted or this thing just meant to be happen. yeah. everything seems to fall in the wrong place. in the wrong time. im taking it wrongly too. i guess. and i found it such a relieve to write it here. because i do realise this thing wouldnt reply.react.or even realise what im feeling now. yes. so i didnt expect anything, because expecting is always the best thing for you to get disspointed.

life didnt that cruel.i know. mugkin it just me. yang xboleh tahan dgn sikit ssah pun. xtau sape yg buat bnde ni jd teruk. okay, please blame yourself nisha. 
msty semua org xpaham kan.haha mmg la, sbb xcerita. xmenarik dan xpenting cerita tu. sbb selama ni pun xde spe nk dgr.so i know mmg x menarik.HAHA :)

life kt upm myedihkan. tu je lah. many things happen. which is effecting my emotion. a lot. and td bru patahkan drooper lab mse nk bg arthemia kt ikan. barely hand. bygkan.*sigh* haish. tp saya kena tabah. kan? nisha kuat. 

p/s: kli ni.entry saya tidak berwarna.

write again later.
until then 

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