a piece of words

1stly sorry sbb i didnt really manage to update this blog.last entry was a month ago.:) HAHA
selamat hari raya lah ye.maaf zahir batin.*lmbt pun wsh jgk kn.hee

nothing special happen rcntly.sme routine here in kmkn. exam stdy exam study. normal student life i guess.:)

kalau buat entry sbulan skli mmg cmni ah.cerita ovrview.x bestt lgsung kan.HAHA
okay lah.cerita detail yg berlaku kbelkngn nie ye.hum
konflik.yelah hdup smua org ade konflik.so do i,but im not so intresting with conflict with others.im always in conflict with my ownself. feels like will end up killing myself.-.- grrrr.
1. selalu rse loser.*biggest conflict.-.- kt sini smua bdak pndai gilaaaa.aku? cmtu la lbey kurang.heh
2. selalu rse dri xckup sempurna utk siapa2. duhh. xde boyfren pun mmg ptut lah kann.HAHA

hum.and besides that im so sorry to anyone i ever hurt.i didnt mean it.it just have to be happen. jgn pkse dri msing2.i just cant. i know. we are human. reckless yet fragile. sorry again.

feeling.we just cant force it.i am too afraid too admit anything.afraid of myself.afraid i just dont know how to learn from my mistake.

until then.

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