kepercayaan kepada tuhan.
kepercayaan kepada raja dan negara.
bla bla.rukun negara kan. *xingt sbnrnye, n mlas nk google.bhaha :)
 tp nk ckp psl percaye jer.

did u trust yourself? brp byk? 
50%? 80%? 100%?
dri sendri xpercaya ape ntah lg nk percya org lain kn? 
quit that annoying behaviour, because in ur life u need to hve some trust. 
hve faith in urself and to someone u love. someone that hold everything for you.
trust everything just gonne b fine.
i trust you dear.
i trust my friend will help me get through shine and gloomy day
i trust my family will be with me through rise and fall.
i trust you to be right by my side and trying to be the best.:)
its hurt when it had been btrayed but trust me its worth it.

okay.entry ni mcm iklan motivasi kan.HAHA 
im motivating myself perhaps. haha so lame lah nsha.:D

actually i learn something today, bersembng  dgn seorng rakan yang dirahsiakn identiti. drpd cerite dye, mcm terseksa lah this kind of situation kalau i yg encounter. but (!) dsebbkn dye ade rse percaya dalm dri dye, its not even a problem bg dye. dye sgt cool. yeah.:) 
cuba la. faham, certain people create a barrier in theirselve to trust people. just because of some damn freak people who betrayed their trust before. dammit,please hold back and think. is that worth it you waste sumthing for someone yang xtau hargai ppe tu? KERANA dye kau x dpt nikmati ape yg ade skrg. quit that. move on.

*ini memang sesi motivasi diri sendiri.MAAF.:)

Trust is like a paper.once its crumple you can never make it perfect anymore.

so pandai2 lah ye semua. do appreciate everythiing.
thanks for listening peeps.

p/s: thanks for trying too. being the best for you is all i ever wanted.<3

nk upload gmbr but this bb is xtremely slo.sorry. xdpt tgk muka cntik sy.bhaha. nyte!

until then,

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