suka nie.:)

i always thought dat one day i will realize da were always sum1 dat can live happily ever after,but in reality i know der will b no one will bcome lyke beauty n da beast dat live happily ever after. sumtymes we need to be hurt,it give us strength to live in yhe next day.dats how da life works after all.
yes.i've been in broken heart recently.i admit dat.
it seems lyke i neva get enough huh?heh well u know,time passing by and why wasting tyme tinking something dat doesnt even worth it.. now i can tell im over it.i don rily give a shit to be lyke its hurt to see sum1 u love,love sumbady else.derh.
but der is sumting i want 2 tell you
dear,its always da bes 2 tell me wats its da real thing goin on here.its not dat i will b in purple rage.it jus dat so we can settle dis and make our memories somthing dat still can b a memories.but,its too late i guess.:D *jgn mrah kalau i ckp u juz a total liar..sorry.
now.im here maybe need sumtymes to be 'available" again.haha before meet sum1 hottt.weee:Pso mny things to do lahh.der.im only 18 okayyy.:) hang out ngan my bestie saja.ezah.fun dah kottt.:)
n 2 sum1 dat i told im not ready yet.im rily sorry.i do rily think its useless for me 2 be in relationship when im not rily ready rite,u all were so qualified 2 hve gf dat was muchhhhh better den me.:) tenkiu 4 ur understanding okayyy.i heart u.in my very own waysss.

p/s:my family were da bes lahh.oh god i love them so fucking damn much.if im going 2 overseas can i bring all of them with me plisss.huuu tenkiu 2 4 ur all supporting and understanding 'faces' and 'words'.muah2.

until then,

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